Repertoire 1994 – 2024


  • Hymn To Freedom
  • Sally Gardens
  • Cutty Sark
  • Evening Prayer
  • Old Noah Had (from Colin Brumby’s book The Round Book.)
  • Inkling (from Colin Brumby’s book The Round Book.)
  • Velvet Shoes

Guest conductor: David Jorlett


  • The Holly and The Ivy
  • The Animals of Christmas
  • All I Want For Christmas Is A Dinosaur
  • Have You Heard (3 part choral speech)

Guest conductor: Faye Dumont 


  • Children’s Song: Tim Sexton
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • Three Men On Camelback
  • Gloria 
  • We Are The Children

Guest conductor: Tim Sexton


  • Jubilate Deo: Jay Althouse
  • The Old Piano Man: R.W. Thygerson
  • Were You There On That Christmas Night: N. Sleeth
  • Little David Play On Yo’ Harp: S.H. Brown 
  • Siyahamba: arr. Henry Leck
  • Round (4part): Joseph Haydn
  • There’s Enough For Us All: Gordon Taylor
  • Hymn To Freedom: Oscar Peterson
  • Colours Of The Wind: A. Menken & S. Schwartz

Guest conductor: Prue Ashurst


  • Together We Sing: Jeff Carroll
  • Velvet Shoes: Randall Thompson
  • Sing a Little Song: J Houston
  • Just One Star: Mac Huff
  • One Small Child: Roger Emerson
  • Charlotte Town: arr. Emily Crocker

Guest conductor: Prue Ashurst


  • Tears In Heaven: Eric Clapton/Roger Emerson
  • We Are The Children: Sally K. Albrecht
  • Pasta: Kirby Shaw
  • Puttin’ On the Ritz:
  • Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel: Roger Emerson
  • It’s Christmas All Over The Universe

Conductor: David Jackson


  • Calypso Allelu: Jill Gallina
  • Gloria: Jay Althouse
  • It’s A Lovely Day Today: Irving Berlin
  • My Country: Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch
  • The Children’s Song: Tim Sexton*
  • The Wind Beneath My Wings: Larry Henley and Jeff Silbar
  • Were You There: Natalie Sleeth

Conductor: David Jackson

*Sung and performed with permission by Tim Sexton


  • Angels’ Carol: John Rutter
  • Elijah Rock!: Roger Emerson
  • I Need A Boat (Jonah Man Jazz): Michael Hurd
  • Jingle Bells: Ray Charles           
  • Over The Rainbow: Arlen/Snyder
  • Riversong: Roger Emerson
  • Shoshone Love Song: Roger Emerson
  • Under Southern Skies: Damien Halloran & Maria Millward

Conductor: David Jackson


  • This Is It: Mack David and Jerry Livingstone
  • Step By Step: Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse
  • We Are The World: Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie
  • Born This Day: Roger Emerson
  • Star Carol: John Rutter
  • Go Tell It On The Mountain: Roger Emerson
  • New York, New York: Frank Ebb and John Kander
  • Sea Change: Ian Jefferson
  • I Still Call Australia Home: Peter Allen

Conductor: David Jackson


  • Charlotte Town – arranged by Emily Crocker
  • Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton/Will Jennings
  • My Country – Jackie Trent & Toni Hatch
  • Christmas All Over The Universe – Anon.
  • Happy Christmas – John Lennon & Yoko Ono
  • I’m Goin’ Up A Yonder – Walter Hawkins
  • Waterloo – B. Anderson, S. Anderson & B. Ulvaeus
  • Thank you For The Music – B. Anderson, & B. Ulvaeus
  • Mamma Mia – B. Anderson, S. Anderson & B. Ulvaeus
  • We Are The Children – Sally K. Albrecht

Conductor: David Jackson


  • La Copa de la Vida (The Cup of Life): Rosa & Escolar
  • Bethlehem Boy: Cynthia  Gray
  • One Small Voice: Jeff Moss
  • Clap Yo Hands: George and Ira Girshwin
  • We All Are One: Cristi Cary Miller
  • A Disney Silly Singalong: arr. Alan Billingsley
  • Changamano: Sally K. Albrecht & Jay Althouse
  • Tintinnabulum: Karl Jenkins

Conductor: David Jackson


  • Children of Peace: Mark Brymer
  • Goin’ Home on a Cloud: African/American spiritual
  • Feel Good: L. Craig Tyson and Leonard Scott
  • You’re the Voice: Qunta, Ryder, Reid & Thompson
  • The Lachlan Tigers: Australian Folk Song
  • Wizard of Oz Medley: Arlen/Harburg
  • Just a Single Voice: Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse
  • The Best Years of our Lives: Jaymes/Deane

Conductor: David Jackson


  • All The Children of the World: Jack Noble White
  • Macavity: The Mystery Cat: Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Volta do mar Largo: Paul Jarman
  • I Will Sing my Song: Mary Donnelly
  • The Rising of the Moon: Traditional Irish folksong
  • Oye la Musica: Jay Althouse
  • Set Down Servant: African/American spiritual
  • Celebration:Bell/Thomas/Toon/Mickens Deodato/Taylor/Bell/Brown/Smith
  • Penny Lane: Lennon and McCartney
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight: Elton John

Conductor: David Jackson


  • YMCA: Morali, Belolo & Willis
  • Turn The World Around: Harry Belafonte
  • The Dying Stockman: arr. Mark O’Leary
  • Consider Yourself: Lionel Bart
  • I’m Going To Sing: arr. Ken Berg
  • ‘Cross The Wide Missouri: Besig & Price
  • Uma Familia: Jay Althouse
  • Sing Joy: Mac Huff
  • In The Swing: arr. Roger Emerson

Conductor: David Jackson


  • Shake a Tail Feather: arr. L. Pech
  • The Stockrider’s Song: William James
  • Amazing Grace: traditional
  • A Mighty Long Way: Glyn Lehmann
  • Oye: Jim Papoulis
  • When I Close My Eyes: Jim Papoulis
  • Break of Day: Mark Puddy
  • Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Ashford/Simpson
  • Feel The Joy: Davies-Splitter

Conductor: David Jackson


  • Lifeline ( a commissioned song about C.Y. O’Connor) : Glyn Lehmann
  • Raining On The Rock: John Williamson
  • Swinging On A Star: J. Burke & J. Van Heusen
  • Southern Sky: Paul Jarman
  • My Imagination: Mark Puddy
  • We Go Together: Warren Casey & Jim Jacobs
  • Refuge: Howard Goodall
  • Singabahambayo: South African Folk Song
  • Joy To The World: Hoyt Axton
  • Cante Una Cancion: Jay Althouse
  • Fun, Fun, Fun: Brian Wilson & Mike Love

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder & David Jackson


  • Find A Way (commissioned work about Grace Bussell): Mark Puddy
  • All Swans Are White (commissioned work about the Black Swan):   Glyn Lehmann
  • Remember The Days of the Old School Yard: Cat Stevens
  • In Flanders Fields: John Jacobson and Roger Emerson
  • Rock Around The Clock: Max. C Freedman & Jimmy deKnight
  • We’re All Children Of The World: Patrice Villines & Tim Hayden
  • What A Wonderful World: G.D. Weiss & B. Thiele
  • Limbo Lumbo: Mark Puddy
  • Humpty Dumpty: Dave and Jean Perry
  • Dancin’ To The 60’s: Roger Emerson

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder & David Jackson  


  • If I Were A Tree (commissioned work): Glyn Lehmann
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Freddy Mercury
  • Seize The Day: Jack Feldman and Alan Menken
  • Whip Jamboree: Mark Puddy
  • I’ll Make The Difference: Moses Hogan
  • Blow, Bugle, Blow: Alfred Lord Tennyson and Ruth Elaine Schram
  • Al Shlosha D’Varim: Allan E. Naplan
  • Three Blind Mice: Mark Puddy
  • Nine Hundred Miles: Mark Puddy
  • The Sound Of Music/So Long Farewell: Rodgers and Hammerstein
  • Heal The World: Michael Jackson

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder & David Jackson  


  • You and Me ( commissioned work) : Mark Puddy
  • Rockin’ Robin: J. Thomas
  • Brolga Dance: Ian Jefferson
  • Like The Beat of a Drum: Jay Althouse
  • Startin’ To Rain: Herb Frombach and Vicki Tucker Courtney
  • All Aboard: Harry Warren and Mack Gordon
  • Wild Mountainside: John Douglas
  • Turn The Beat Around: Peter Jackson Jnr. and Gerald Jackson
  • Let Go The Long White Sails: Paul Jarman
  • Absolutely Everybody: Holden, Ingran and Hicks
  • I Am The Earth: Glyn Lehmann

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder & Mirelle Hopwood


  • Sunchyme: Gabriel, Laired, Spencer, Rosser, Spencer
  • The Swine Song: Dave and Jean Perry
  • Song For The Mira:Allister MacGillivray
  • You’ve Got A Friend In Me: Randy Newman
  • I ‘ve Got The Music In Me: Bias Boshel
  • Staircase To The Moon: Glyn Lehmann (commissioned work)
  • Gundulla – We Dance: Stokes, Stokes, Masters &n Martinez
  • Ancient City: Paul Jarman
  • Let My People Go: traditional arranged Roger Emerson
  • That’s Freedom: Kimmel & Chapman
  • You Can’t Stop The Beat: Shaiman and Wittman

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder & Mirelle Hopwood


  • Let’s Get Loud: Gloria Estefan and Kike Santander
  • Theme from Spider Man: Bob Harris and Paul Francis Webster
  • Furaha (Swahili): Sally K. Albrecht
  • Listen To The Music: Tom Johnston
  • Eye Of The Needle: Paul Jarman
  • Africa: David Paich and Jeff Porcaro
  • Kakadu: Sherelle Eyles
  • Hey Escher: Barry Russell
  • Drive My Car: Lennon and McCartney
  • **The Green Hills of Albany: Glyn Lehmann
  • **Sugarbird Lady: Mark Puddy

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder & Mirelle Hopwood
(Commissioned work **)


  • Sir Duke: Stevie Wonder
  • Sing For You: commissioned work by Glyn Lehmann
  • I Just Can’t Wait to Be King: Elton John
  • The Good Ship Friendship: Mark Puddy
  • A Sea Change: Ian Jefferson
  • Eumerella Shore: Traditional Australian Folk Song
  • Thukeri: Mark Simeon Ferguson
  • Viva La Vida: Coldplay arranged Mark Brymer
  • Ride Of Our Lives: Glyn Lehmann
  • Man In The Mirror: Ballard and Garrett
  • You’re The Voice: Qunta, Ryder, Reid and Thompson

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder and Mirelle Hopwood


  • Dance Craze Crazy: Glyn Lehmann)
  • Riversong: Roger Emerson
  • California Dreamin’: John & Michelle Phillips
  • Thula Klizeo: Joseph Shabalala
  • Sgt Pepper’s/ With A little Help from My Friends: Lennon & McCartney
  • Extraordinary Things: Glyn Lehmann
  • CATALPA: Paul Jarman (commissioned work)
  • Song of Australia: Colin Buchanan
  • I Know it’s Shakespeare: Mark Puddy
  • We Are Family: recorded by Sister Sledge
  • Best Years of Our Lives: recorded by Baha Men

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder and Mirelle Hopwood


  • A Mighty Long Way: Glyn Lehmann. Our very first commissioned work
  • Black Fella, White Fella: Warumpi Band
  • Carpet of Silver: The story of the shipwreck of the Zuytdorp by Dan Walker (commissioned work)
  • Here You Lie: Mark Puddy
  • The Boy From Oz Medley: Peter Allen arr. David Lawrence
  • When I Grow Up: Tim Minchin
  • The Lachlan Tigers: traditional folksong arr. Mark O’Leary
  • The Ballad of The Underground Railroad: Rene Boyer-Alexander
  • Uma Familia: Jay Althouse
  • Circle of Life: Elton John

Conductors: Mary-Anne Goyder and Mirelle Hopwood


  • Jungle Rhythm  (The Jungle Book 2) – arr. E. Ruediger
  • Sea of Flags –  Jessica Mauboy
  • Message of Hope – Based on the story of THE LIGHTHOUSE GIRL by Dianne Wolfer. Composed by Glyn Lehmann
  • You, Me and The Wide Open Sky – Dan Walker
  • Disney Movie Showstoppers – arr. Mac Huff
  • Recognise – Paul Jarman
  • Moondyne Joe – Mark Puddy
  • Caught In The Crowd – Kate Miller Heidke
  • We Know The Way (Moanna) – arr. Roger Emerson
  • Shake A Tail Feather – O. Hayes, A. Williams & V. Richards


  • Elvis Medley
  • Open the Doors by Mark Puddy
  • Djapana by Yunupingu Mandawuy Bakamana (Yothu Yindi)
  • Funiculi Funicula by Luigi Denza arr. Mark Puddy
  • This Golden Land by Paul Jarman and Harley Mead
  • SPACE RACE: To Every Question by Glyn Lehmann, lyrics by Phil Cummings
  • Space Oddity by David Bowie
  • **Percy by Paul Jarman
  • Lifeline by Glyn Lehmann
  • Eye Of The Tiger by Frankie Sullivan; Jim Peterik

** denotes commissioned work


  • Another Op’nin’ Another Show
  • Gundulla: We Dance (Yabu band)
  • Livin’ In The Bush (Paul Jarman)
  • Don’t Stop (Fleetwood Mac)
  • All Swans Are White (Glyn Lehmann…commissioned work 2009)
  • Pride (U2)
  • Raining On The Rock (John Williamson)
  • I’m Still Standing (Elton John)
  • **Against The Odds (Commissioned work: Mark Puddy): in hibernation 
  • Enjoy The Storm (Ian Jefferson): In hibernation
  • Take To The Sky (Paul Jarman): in hibernation

** denotes commissioned work


  • Sing: Grassi, Hoying, Olusula, Johnson and Hollander
  • We Will : by Jim Papoulis
  • The Wild Colonial Boy: traditional arranged by Ian Jefferson
  • Shackleton: Paul Jarman
  • ** Against The Odds: Mark Puddy
  • The Colour of Your Jumper: Archie Roach arr. E. Ruediger
  • Enjoy The Storm: Ian Jefferson
  • Take To The Sky: Paul Jarman
  • Edge of The Kimberley: Colin Buchanan arr. Glyn Lehmann
  • Crocodile Rock: Elton John & Bernie Taupin
  • Times Like These: Grohl, Hawkins, Mendel, Shiftell arr. E. Ruediger

** denotes commissioned work


  • Get Back Up Again: Justin Paul & Benj Pasek
  • Brolga Dance: Ian Jefferson
  • Alone In The Universe: Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty
  • Find A Way: Mark Puddy
  • **Walk Together: Robert Graham
  • I Can Dream Anything: Paul Jarman
  • Dare To Be Square: Guy Sebastian
  • I Love Rock’n’Roll: arr. Greg Gilpin
  • Jetman: Paul Jarman
  • Change The World: Kennedy, Sims, Kirkpatrick Vanda and Young. Arr. Mark Puddy
  • Friday On My Mind: Vanda and Young arr. Mark Puddy


  • Walking On Sunshine: Kimberley Rew
  • Sisi Ni Moja: J Narverud
  • Whenever The Wind Is High: Todd McNeal
  • The Green Hills of Albany: Glyn Lehmann (celebration of 100yrs since 1st dawn service in Albany)
  • **Nothing Could Stop It: Mark Puddy
  • Southern Sky: Paul Jarman
  • Refuge: Howard Goodall
  • Flashdance…What A Feeling: Forsey, Cara and Moroder
  • To Be Kind: Mia Brine
  • Wired For Sound: Alan Tarney and B.A. Robertson
  • Can You Feel It: M. Jackson & J. Jackson


  • Livin’ On A Prayer: Jon Bon Jovi, Desmond Child & Richie Sambora
  • You’ve Got A True Friend: Kate Miller-Heidke & Kier Nuttal
  • Kusimama: Jim Papoulis
  • I Am the Earth ‘Remix’: Glyn Lehmann
  • **On A Wing & A Prayer: Paul Jarman
  • Come Together: Lee Kernaghan, Mitch Tambo & Isaiah Firebrace
  • Dreaming In The Sky: Paul Jarman
  • A Million Dreams: Benj Pasek & Justin Paul
  • Surface Pressure: Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Proud: Peter John Vettese & Heather Small
  • Sir Duke: Stevie Wonder

** denotes commissioned work

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